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Our Company was founded in 2012 and became part of an international network of companies called SELECT AUTOMOTIVE , which trade in new vehicles on the European and global markets.

We focus on the sale of vehicles to independent dealerships, online portals and other wholesalers. We do not deal with the sale or import of used vehicles. We do not sell vehicles to end users.

An advantage of the internet sale of vehicles consists in low costs of the operation and distribution of vehicles and in low marketing costs in comparison to traditional car dealerships. Thanks to this, we are able to reflect these low costs on the price in the form of a minimum margin. As our network sells several thousand vehicles a year, we are able to offer unrivalled sales prices.

Thus, we make it easier for individual dealerships, importers and our other partners to sell the vehicles. We search for market opportunities thanks to our long-term experience, good reputation, commercial network, financial stability and internal processes optimisation.

Our work consists in continuous monitoring of the ever-changing automotive market and exchange rates of currencies in order to optimise prices when purchasing vehicles in the individual EU countries.


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